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Positioning for Breakthrough

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  • Greg Surratt

    “The great thing about this book is that you won’t be content merely to read it. Dan wants to prepare you to take action so when opportunities for breakthrough come, you will be ready.”

  • Andrew Wommack

    "As I have watched Pastor Dan over the years, I’ve been most impressed with his ability to lead and administer... He has developed a new way to coach and mentor pastors to share best practices, navigate difficult ministry issues and decisions, and provide pastors with invaluable resources to assist them in fulfilling the God-given vision for their ministries. I wish I had the type of support and resources that Dan is making available back when I got started in the ministry."

  • Jason Creech

    "My wife and I launched our church in Knoxville, Tennessee. I would like to say we launched with numbers in the thousands, but that’s not what happened. Three months in, we had a Sunday with 27 people in attendance and $116 in the bank. Today our church has a much different story, and Dan Stallbaum has a great deal to do with that. His coaching has been priceless! We all need someone brave enough to tell us what we need to hear and wise enough to tell us what we don’t know. That’s Dan in a nutshell. His leadership has proven effective in the church he’s led for three decades and in the pastors he’s coached. I would recommend his coaching to anyone."

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