Dan Stallbaum

After serving as Lead Pastor of East Coast Christian Center, a multi-site church in Central Florida, for over 30 years, Dan now serves as Pastor Emeritus during this season of ministry. He also oversees East Coast Christian University and is the visionary behind Morning Breath, a devotional radio program and podcast.

In addition to being a gifted teacher, Dan is a spiritual leader and mentor. His down-to-earth preaching style helps people from all walks of life connect with God and apply Biblical truths to their daily lives.

Dan and his wife Carolyn have been married for over 40 years and have four children and ten grandchildren.



Positioning for Breakthrough

I wrote this book because of how these truths helped Carolyn, [my wife], and me, and I wanted to share them with everyone who is stale or dry or stuck in his or her life. It’s also for those who really want to get ahead and grow in all areas of their lives. Now it’s your turn. You have some work to do. I pray that the ups and downs of my life and the wisdom and knowledge I gained from them encourage you to experience incredible breakthrough. Stay focused, do as instructed, and prepare to receive your God-focused breakthrough.

-Dan Stallbaum

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